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Art supplies arrived

This morning I got my art supplies order.
Canvases for all the commission work I have at hand, many dozens of large tubes of oil paint, paper palette that I can just peel off at the end of the day and dispose off.

Because it did not snow for so long, Jules was able to drive the van to meet the freight driver and collect the shipment.
Now I have to count the inventory to make sure I was charged what I actually received.

I also framed two painting that I need to ship next week to collectors.

How I almost got scammed

You hear about all sort of scams all the time.
The Internet is full of them.
Almost daily we get notification of a fake lottery that we "won", Nigerian or Eastern European people ask us to assist them in "transferring" money. etc.
Usually I simply click delete and does not give it a second thought.

Just before our trip to India I received via regular mail my Colorado Corporate registration form, requesting the annual $150 fee and a detail of the Corporation officers.
The deadline was in two weeks, and since our India trip was three weeks long, we filled the form and mailed a check for $150.

Yesterday we showed a copy of the form to our accountant and she pointed out that it is a fake letter - a scam, with a fake Colorado State seal and everything.
She made us promise not to send any money to Federal of State, without showing it to her first.

I was dumbfounded, angry at my carelessness and frustrated at all the scamming people around the world.
On our way back, I mentioned…

Back in Colorado

We are finally back home in Colorado.
Our trip to India is behind us with its many adventures.
Now we concentrate on the task of adjusting to the mountain time zone and catching up on our correspondences and work.
I have already spent some time in the studio yesterday and today, drawing and painting.
I have placed a large order of art supplies while in India, expecting to cut back the waiting time for its arrival.
Some should arrive tomorrow and the rest should arrive next week.
It has not snowed much while we were away and the mountains across my studio, lost their snow dusting.

India Trip

Some of the people we met in India