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Takashi Murakami’s Art, and our Upcoming Trip to London, Paris, Berlin and Turkey

Takashi Murakami’s Art, and our Upcoming Trip to London, Paris, Berlin and Turkey

In a few short days, we fly to London to start our adventure..
It is hard to leave the quiet mountains with the incredible blue sky and my studio, but I am eager to be on the road again.

A few weeks ago we flew to Dallas/Fort Worth to see a major exhibition of Takashi Murakami’s recent artwork.
The Modern Art Museum, located in Fort Worth, was designed by Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect known for his use of concrete, glass and water to achieve minimalistic, clean lines.

The museum is cool, but the artwork took my breath away.
The exhibition, called “The octopus eats its own legs,” was a mini retrospective of Murakami’s work through the years.

To my delight and amazement, I found myself standing in a big room in front of several large silkscreens of his “Arhats” paintings.

I did not expect to see any Arhats paintings in this exhibition, even though it was my heartfelt wish to see them up close.
The Uni…

Long Days in the Studio, Painting the 500 Enlightened Arahats

Long Days in the Studio, Painting the 500 Arahats

In the high mountains of western Colorado, summer is coming to an end.
Yes, the days are still pleasantly warm, but the late nights and early mornings are now very cool.

The forest wildfires that raged across the state this summer have all died down.
The breeze no longer carries smoke with it, and our hearts are filled with gratitude for the great work of the fire fighters. Heavy rains now wash the ashes from the burn zones into the rivers, making the water murky and life harder for the beautiful red spotted trout.

The flowers in our garden still bloom, but I think it is time to harvest the herbs, make them into pesto sauce and dry the mint for making mint tea.

The roofers are putting the last details on our curved roof.
The end of the long roof installation is in sight.
The installation of the new roof has taken over a month, and it will be a nice change not to wake up at six in the morning to the sounds of people banging on the ro…