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Happy New Year!


Macau To New Zealand To Colorado

And in the scenic sub-tropical Hokianga NZ, it was a full moon followed by summer color sunrise:

Macau to New Zealand to Colorado

It is said that the Inuit Eskimos have dozens of different words to describe snow, while the English language has only one word for snow.

That is because the Inuits live surrounded by snow for most of the year.
The truth is that we mountain dwellers and avid skiers, also have many words to describe snow.

There is no written lexicon, but we all know what the words mean.
So when you talk to your dentist or your plumber or a friend, and they tell you that they went skiing yesterday, you inevitably ask: “Cool, how was it on the mountain yesterday?”

They might use one of the following terms to describe the experience, and you would know exactly what they mean, because you know how it feels to ski in each of those conditions.

They might say:

It was all “Fluffy Powder,” which means a fresh snow had fallen recently, which has not yet been packed down.
“Packed …