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Arriving In Mandalay, A Puppets Show And Kippling's Road To Mandalay, Myanmar

Arriving In Mandalay, Myanmar  - Trip Notes 
I did not know how much I had yearned to be here, until we arrived....
From Bangkok, it was a short one and a half hour flight to Mandalay. The airport is small, and since we applied for e-visas in advance, it was a quick and simple process to get through immigration.
At one of the airport banks, we changed $500 US dollars and got an inch thick wad of Burmese cash. The thick stack of cash brought to mind the image of a mafioso, intending to pay a bribe or to make some shady deals...
The heat is overbearing and feels like someone's left the oven door open. Jules and I looked at each other and jokingly said: "Pardon me, can you please turn the oven a bit lower please?..."
Our taxi driver, and everyone else I saw, was wearing traditional Burmese clothing of an ankle length sarong and a shirt.
We had booked a small boutique hotel in the center of the city called 'Bagan King.' We booked it because I read that some of the bigger five s…

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