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Back in New Zealand and charting our travel plans

We said goodbye to our beloved Rocky Mountains, where the snow is fast accumulating on the mountain peaks, and spent a few sunny but freezing days in Boulder, Colorado.It felt nice to be among many people again, where everything you might need or desire is right at your fingertips.
After a few fun-filled days in Boulder, we flew to New Zealand, and for the first time in years, we did not continue on to the Bay of Islands, but spent some time in Auckland, tasting a few new restaurants, catching some movies, visiting the Auckland Art Gallery, and getting adjusted to the time difference between Colorado and NZ.
There is a good healthy trend happening in Auckland.We were able to get fresh squeezed juices at many places, and even dined at a new trendy and delicious raw cafe in Ponsonby, which was buzzing with attractive people.
The Little Bird unBakery serves awesome raw lunches and raw desserts that are absolutely to die for.They do fabulous business, and we could hardly score a table in thi…