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Hassla Art World in Jeongdongjin, South Korea, where we spend two nights in the museum, see a cool Pinocchio exhibition and immerse ourselves in art

Hassla Art World is a unique art museum which offer guests an opportunity to stay in a modern and comfortable museum-hotel with stunning views of the East Sea.

We chose to stay in this museum-hotel because of a wonderful experience that we had years ago, while staying in another art museum hotel, in Naoshima Island, Japan.

I was afraid to have high expectations when we booked the hotel at the Hassla Art World.
I was afraid to be disappointed that the experience here will not match the fabulous experience that we had in Naoshima.

But the minute we entered the beautiful Museum full of funky art, I felt my worries fade away.

The museum sits on a large forested hill overlooking the sea, and it features a few exhibition spaces, a restaurant, an outdoor cafe, and a sculpture garden that is divided into a few themes.

The owner of Hassla, Choi Okyungis, is a sculptor with big dreams.
He and his wife, Park Shinjung, who is also a sculptor, started with only the outdoor sculpture garden more th…

A Visit To Naksan-sa Buddhist Temple, South Korea

It was Saturday morning when we left Seoraksan National Park and the road to the park was filled with cars driving bumper to bumper, coming to hike and hoping to score a parking place.

I had heard that hiking is a national obsession in Korea, but I could not have imagined the amount of people that have come to hike Seoraksan on this weekend.

I was pleased that without giving it much prior thought, we happened to have hiked on a Friday, and thus encountered many less hikers on our path.
It was still busy on our hike, but not insanely busy as it looks to be on weekends.

My legs, however, are not very pleased with me.
For some strange reason, my legs who have carried me so well on difficult hikes, do not do well on climbing up and down steps.
We climbed up and down thousands of high steps yesterday, and my muscles are stiff and achy.

I hope they will loosen up soon, because I have scheduled another hike in two days, and I need to be in relatively good shape.

We drove south to the beache…