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The Kumarakom Lakes Area, and a Visit To a Unique Driftwood Museum in Kerala, India

The Kumarakom Lakes Area, and a Visit To a Unique Driftwood Museum in Kerala, India
The taxi ride from Varkala Beach northeast to the Kumarakom lakes area took about four hours.
Kumarakom is a backwater, a fertile, green area with large lakes.We are staying on the shores of Vembanad Lake, which is a Great Lake.It is so large that it has its own internal wave patterns, and the other shores are barely visible from our shore.There are a few passengers ferries crossing the waterways, but vehicles must drive around the lakes, using bridges to cross between them.
Technically, it is not a lake, although it is surrounded by land.At its northernmost point, it opens to the Arabian Sea, which makes it technically a huge bay or a harbor.
The Great Vembanad Lake is famous for its beautiful houseboats, which are made traditionally from wood and bamboo and are roofed by coir (woven coconut fron

Thoughts About Ayurvedic Treatments and Beaching It In Varkala Beach, Kerala India

Thoughts About Ayurvedic Treatments, and Hitting the Beach In Varkala Beach, Kerala, India 
From Kovalam Beach, we hired a taxi to take us to Varkala Beach, just about an hour and a half's drive north along the same coastline.We did not book a taxi from the Leela hotel in which we were staying, but instead walked to the end of Lighthouse Beach where a taxi driver offered us a taxi for only 1500 rupees ($25), about half of the official rate.
In Varkala Beach, we stayed at a small guesthouse, similar to all the other small hotels and guesthouses that line the cliffs immediately above the beach.There are no luxury hotels and no fancy boutique accommodations, although many small places claim to be boutique hotels, and some even charge higher prices.
Our guesthouse is located at the Varkala Helipad, overlooking the Arabian Sea, at the entrance to the long Boardwalk along the cliffs.
The beach is far below the cliffs, and all of the restaurants, cafes, shops and guesthouses are located abov…