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Grace is hidden behind misfortune... Suspend judgement until you gain a wider perspective

My beloved Rocky Mountains in Colorado

A Bird feeding a Cuckoo Baby and Cuckoo's eggs "hidden" in other birds' nests
A Toxic mining copper lake in Butte Montana 
Many times in life, we make judgements based on limited knowledge and a narrow perspective.
We are not aware that we have limited vision, and so we might become impatient or discouraged with events when we do not understand why things happen.
With time, or with a wider perspective, we might discover that something that looked to be a tragedy, a travesty or a misfortune, is actually part of a grander Divine scheme that is full of grace.
I will illustrate this point with two examples from Mother Nature.
I have heard both stories on Colorado Public Radio, years apart, but both stories stayed carved in my memory, since they illustrate how grace operates despite what appears to be a misfortune.
The first story is about the Cuckoo bird.
For ages, the Cuckoo bird was thought of as a "freeloader" for its weird pare…