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The One brotherhood of humanity... and the story of my brother in Indiana

On the day we were leaving New Zealand to fly back to the USA, our flight was delayed.

As we sat in the tiny waiting room of the Bay Of Islands airport, passing away the hours until finally our flight was officially canceled, we had lots of time to talk with our fellow passengers.

It was Waitangi Day, a NZ holiday that has often been quite controversial.

In New Zealand, Waitangi Day marks the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. 

Representatives of the British Crown and over 500 Māori chiefs signed what is often considered to be New Zealand’s founding document. 

Many of the descendants of those Maori chiefs view it as the day the British crown stole the land and rights from the native Maori who had already lived in NZ for over a thousand years, in return for nothing more than empty promises.

That day, the airport was full of politicians who had come to the Far North to give speeches, attend meetings, and make presentations at the Waitangi events.

It is not often that one gets a chance to have the friendly ear of so many politicians, and I was not about to miss my chance....

After I apologized to them for the election of Donald Trump as our US president, we all became quick friends.

We laughed and commiserated about the state of the world, and about the rise of nationalism all over the world, which is the cause for Brexit in the U.K. and many other social problems around the world.

People just do not get that we are one small green and blue planet, filled with the same human race, with people who are so similar in all ways, who share common, NOT separate interests.

The rise of nationalism in NZ leads communities to exclude visitors unless they bring direct economic benefits, to believe that they have separate interests from other communities around NZ located just a few hours away from them, which is almost laughable, if it weren't so sad.

We talked about how different religious beliefs divide people, and how bad government policies all over the world lead to ruined lives.

I told them that I still find myself apologizing, as an Israeli, for cruel and unjust Israeli government policies, even though I've not lived in Israel for over 26 years.

People still look at me with blaming eyes, not caring to know that when I did live in Israel, I was a peace advocate, protesting and marching in demonstrations for peace, equal rights and religious tolerance.

So many people have lost sight of what it means to be friendly and good in the world.

That day at the airport, the politicians tried to reassure me that NZ is still populated with friendly people who DO see that this rise of nationalism is very destructive to our global future as a human race.

They even tried to convince me that my plans of relocating to Japan are not exactly idyllic either.

They pointed out that Japan is still emerging from being a sexist culture ruled for centuries by men who objectified and mistreated women.

They pointed out that as a woman, I would be discriminated against, and would not get residency nor legal rights to stay in Japan so easily.

Japan is still a close-knit society which is hard to penetrate.... or at least this is what they suggested to me.

After recent conflicts with my neighbors in NZ, it felt SO GOOD to talk with level-headed people who made so much good sense to me, even if my hopes are that my own reality in Japan, will be different from what they believed it would be.

It is getting more and more rare for me to find people who can see things with clarity, and to converse with people beyond their own prejudices and biases.

In NZ, my next door neighbors have locked my driveway for years now, allowing me access only by prior arrangement.

This driveway has been in daily use as the main driveway to my house for over 40 years.

The driveway was built on the edge of their land, and so they claimed it as their own, changing the combination lock on it and demanding that we make prior arrangements whenever we want to use it, even though it leads only to our house.

How can you make prior arrangements when you bring bags of mulch from the garden center, or boxes of produce from the supermarket?

And so we have been resigned to not using our driveway for years now.

Although they continue to pretend to be our friends, they have behaved in a nosy, bossy and controlling ways towards us.

Now that we are in the final process of selling our NZ house, we must put in a new driveway at a very high expense, in order to provide easy, unrestricted access for the new buyers.

For me, the tremendous cost is worth the freedom from these controlling and heart-wrenching neighbors, whom we thought were our friends, but who have caused me many sleepless nights, much anxiety and pain and many, many tears.

I could tell you many more sad stories about how they walked around our land while we were away, costing us much money when they expressed their upset and distress over this or that to our mutual gardener.

Our gardener, who thought that we were friends, tried to pacify them by doing work on OUR LAND, that we did not authorize and that they had NO right to feel upset about.

Each time we paid the bill and did not even confront them with all the pain and heartache that they caused us.

Now I've finally asked them never to walk on our land again, and they acted as if they had no clue that they had caused us so much grief, pain, tears, sleepless nights and lots of money.

How could they NOT have known that they caused me so much pain and money?

It is really not that hard to be aware of what you are doing and to be TRULY friendly.

Yes, one has to become REAL and not full of egotistic self-projections and misperceptions, but all those are valuable tools in life, that one must develop along the way....

One must walk on this earth with the feeling, that NOBODY, absolutely nobody is a stranger to them or has different feelings than theirs.

We are all sensitive and we all hurt when people do nasty things to us.

All people living on this earth share similar desires and similar wishes to live in harmony and to enjoy peaceful lives.

Only a few bored and lonely people thrive on control and controversy, and actually enjoy seeing other people suffer.

The majority of people want everybody to be happy, and wish to be happy themselves.

Making friends is such an easy thing to do.

The only reason people use online dating services, or try to make friends online, is because they have forgotten how to be REAL and relate to others from that same heart place.

To make friends as you travel around the world, you do not have to be overly chatty or to hug everybody, but it helps if you have inner warmth and a tender heart.

Not everyone you meet will prove worthy of your friendship over time.

In those cases, you might have to pull your friendship back.

But one must never give up on humanity and never suspect the whole human race, just because of running into some bad apples every now and then.

People have very different ideas about friendship, and different ideas about how to run a country, a community or a workplace.

People who think similarly, become natural friends.

They share similar ideas about life and act in similar ways.

Many of those relationships can be very short, but some can continue over a lifetime.

Some relationships are more "Soul Brotherhoods," rather than just friendships.

I have one such soul-brother in Indiana in the USA.

But before I tell you about my brother in Indiana, I want to say that friendliness must stretch beyond our immediate community, or the people of our own tribe, religion, or country, and embrace the whole world.

In order to develop global friendliness, it helps to actually DO good and friendly things towards people and do it often.

The day after we landed in Colorado, we drove to our local airport to return the car we had rented at the Denver airport.

While Jules was inside dropping off the rental car's keys, I waited with our jeep outside by the curb.

A young man came over and asked me if I knew how to get to a hotel located in the nearby town of Eagle.

He told me that the information booth at the airport had told him that it would cost him over $100 to hire a taxi and that there were no buses running at this time of night.

I knew he was telling the truth, since we live in an area that has no Uber or Lyft and no local taxis.

A taxi would have to drive over from the nearest larger city to pick him up, and that would cost him $100..

I suggested that we drive him to his hotel.

For us, it was only a ten minute detour.

He said he was thinking of walking the fifteen miles along the snowy road to his hotel.

It would have taken him the whole night to walk there.

He was so grateful and offered to pay for our gasoline (which we adamantly refused), and finally I just told him:

"That's OK, man, we HAVE to be KIND to each other in this world! 

This is how we must behave and how we must live!"

With near-tears in his eyes, he admitted that back in San Antonio where he was from, he also often stops to help when he sees somebody with a flat tire.

He said he helps them change their tire for free, since his parents have an automobile garage and he knows how to do it quickly.

We chatted all the way to his hotel and he told us about his wife and two young children, and that he had come to the mountains of Colorado for a court hearing the next day.

I have to admit that I no longer travel the world solely for my own enjoyment.

I travel the world in order to help make it a friendlier place.

Everywhere I go, I make a conscious effort to be an ambassador of goodness, taking a stand against injustice, or actively breaking the patterns that keep the people of the world in alienation and isolation.

Most people do not realize how they themselves contribute to making the world an unfriendly place.

They do not see the connection between their ideas and how it leads to a sad and lonely world, because they believe they are acting out of patriotism or nationalism, simply "protecting" the "health" of their communities and of their nations.

Many communities do not realize how promoting their own self-interest can lead to wrong thinking, unfriendly behaviors and mob mentality.

The funny thing is that many of these people are often sweet and well-meaning people, just unaware of where their ways of thinking can lead to.

Years ago, I read a series of books by Peter Mayle, about his relocation from a high stress job in cold and grey London, to a life in sunny, rural Provence, in France.


In the last few books, he made observations about the fact that the French people living in the beautiful countryside, had become very unhappy with German tourists.

They were happy to have tourists come and eat in their village restaurants, shop in the local markets, buy and support local wineries, or stay in the lovely inns in the countryside, but the Germans were not doing any of this.

According to Mayle, the German tourists were driving their families across the border in their own cars, bringing with them EVERYTHING.

The German tourists bought nothing in the local markets.

They brought their own potatoes, their own German beer, their own butter, their own sausages, canned food, grills, pillows and blankets.

In other words, the German tourists were not bringing any economic benefits to the French countryside.

They stayed in state parks or by the side of the roads, which enraged the locals living in those picturesque villages.

I still remember reading his descriptions years ago, and thinking to myself that this indicates a very unfriendly global future trend, that is based on a sad misperception.

In other words, welcoming tourists ONLY if they "help" the local economy, is short sighted and can lead to mob viciousness that can spread like wildfire all over the world.

It leads to a sad, unfriendly and over-regulated world, in which people forget that tourists are not walking wallets or an "industry" bringing money, but are actually GUESTS in their country.

Let me explain:

The Berlin Wall fell in November of 1989.

German people from both sides, but mostly from the eastern side of the wall, were finally free to go on vacation wherever they liked.  

They had little money but were filled with the desire to enjoy some sunshine, to sit on sunny beaches, and to celebrate their freedom and life.

Many young German people from both sides of the Wall, suffered from the shame and trauma of their nation's Nazism, their cruel and inhumane actions amidst the ravages of the second world war.

The newer generation was overwhelmed with guilt and they simply wanted to go away with their families, to show their young kids other parts of Europe.

They had little money to spend, so they packed everything into their cars and hoped to enjoy a cheap but fun vacation.

Little did they know that the rural people in the countries they wanted to visit, were already viewing them as a "problem," and quickly working on a plan to "protect" their countryside from them.

I have seen this occur in New Zealand as well.

When we moved to rural NZ, people were so friendly and tourists were warmly welcomed.

Locals helped tourists, invited them to sleep over at their homes, and gave them part time jobs to help them pay for their vacations.

Even Jules and I helped in this way many WOOFERS ("Willing Workers on Organic Farms") who needed part time jobs, or who had suffered a misfortune, having been robbed and needed to make money to continue their vacations and go home.

Tourists used to leave NZ feeling like they had been to paradise.

Nowadays, you hear many different stories from tourists....

Tourists being assaulted or raped, robberies, and incidents of road rage are common, and stories about how RV tourism degrades the cleanliness of the rivers and sea are all over the news.

Many of us free-thinkers and miracle workers have stopped talking altogether, since the election of Donald Trump and Brexit.

I know I stopped talking and writing, because I realized how many of my art collectors are actually Trump supporters who WANT what he brings to the table, which is more separatism, nationalism and promoting the interests of small elite groups.

When Nazi Germany was rising on the promise of "making Germany great again," it was those who spoke out against the injustices and who spoke for equality, who got hammered down.

Those who spoke out about the fact that the Jews had equal rights as fellow human beings and had basic human rights to practice their religion, were the ones who were abused, ignored, and finally ostracized, their businesses boycotted or their jobs lost.

Nowadays, I heard a lovely sentiment encouraging ALL Americans to sign up and register as Muslims, if that law comes to pass.

I fully support that, but I can also see how my life would become much more complicated if I were to sign up as a Muslim, in solidarity with my Muslim brothers and sisters all over the USA, which I DO FEEL with all my heart.


When the world becomes so full of small people, it is the giants, the philosophers the visionaries who speak up for the grandeur of unity and love, who get persecuted.

In his time (the 1500's), Nostradamus, who was a medical healer, a mystic and a visionary, had to write his predictions in quatrains full of hidden codes and astrological references, in order to escape the Inquisition and the wrath of the narrow minded religious figures who had political control during those times.

Back to the story of my brother in Indiana:

Once while I was doing art shows all over the USA, I decided that it would be a good idea to buy a recreational vehicle.

My husband at that time was not a very good driver and while we were driving through Indiana, he did not see the flashing red lights indicating that a train was coming, and he drove full speed into the path of the crossing train.

At the last minute, when he saw the train, he veered our RV into the corn field nearby, avoiding a collision by a hair's breadth.

Our towed RV was damaged, and we had ruined a big part of the corn field which was ready for harvest.

In no time, the local police had arrived along with the farmer whose field we had destroyed.

I was shaking like a leaf, but we were unhurt.

The kind farmer invited us into his house for a cup of tea and to calm my nerves.

The policemen investigated the road and proceeded to question my husband.

After a series of questions and answers, (during which I kept silent and allowed my husband to answer the policeman's questions), it was concluded that my husband was driving recklessly.

The policemen turned to the farmer, and told him that he had the right to sue us for damages, to recover the cost of the commercial corn we had destroyed.

He was not a rich farmer.

The living room of his house in which we sat, was very spartan.

The furniture was old and cheap, and the house was just a simple farm house.

The farmer was dressed in blue overalls, wearing a John Deere baseball cup.

No doubt he could have used the money that would have been his, by suing us...

When the policemen turned to him and asked:

"Would you like to sue them for the damage to your corn field?"

My brother in Indiana, the poor farmer whose field we had just ruined, got up and said: 

"HELL NO!!!!!!

Hell no!!!

I will NEVER sue this woman.

Look at her, she is shaking like a leaf.

HELL, I want to HELP HER!"

And that was that.

He sent the policemen out of his house, shaking their hands and telling them he will take it from here.

He went into his workshop and got some equipment and his tractor.

He fixed the hitch that connected my trailer to my van, and reconnected them again.

He then towed my van and RV trailer our of his field and got us all set up and ready to go.

He even fixed us lunch of fresh sandwiches and a salad, and smiled at me as I thanked him a thousand times and a thousand times more.

I gave him some gifts, t-shirts with my art painted on them, and a painting of mine.

We hugged like a brother and sister, with real tears when we departed from his house.

Since then, I have a brother in Indiana.

Yes, he is neither an educated nor a sophisticated man, 

Yes, he wears oil-stained blue overalls 

And an ill-fitting orange John Deere hat,

And he most likely voted for Donald Trump...

But I have a brother in Indiana...

Whom I will LOVE FOR LIFE.....

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Why We Don't Lose Weight... The Invisible Influences That Affect Our Lives

Why We Don't Lose Weight... The Invisible Influences That Affect Our Lives

There is a funny joke in the British comedy, "Absolutely Fabulous," that I love.

Edina Monsoon, the protagonist of the show, is always dieting and trying all sorts of New Age fads in order to be skinny and to gain some inner peace in her life.

She tried all sorts of wacky diets, including drinking nothing but champagne, eating only on tiny plates, floating in an isolation tank, meditation, chanting, and getting into her closet with a shamanic forked twig, to find Divine inspiration about what is the most fortuitous thing to wear that day.

Despite all of her efforts and spending a fortune on fortune tellers and diets, she never changes or really gets anywhere, although she's hilarious in her attempts.

Once, when Edina was talking to her old mother, she proclaimed:

"Don't you understand that inside of me, there is a skinny, gorgeous person who is yearning to come out?"

Her mother listened, and with her cynical and critical humor, asked:

"Are you sure dear, that there is just one?"


This joke is the subject of what I wish to reflect on today.

ALL thoughts are creative.

By using the term "creative," I do not mean "artistic," I simply mean that ALL thoughts, and their associated feelings, become form, that is, create a reality.

This is basic knowledge.

Everything starts with a thought.

You think of a place, let's take Albania as an example.

You imagine how nice it would be to see the place.

You buy an airline ticket, maybe book a hotel room or contact a friend who lives there.

Before you know it, you are visiting Albania.

It all started with a thought that went on to create a reality.

Negative thoughts similarly affect your reality.

By believing that there are things that you can and cannot do, you create your own  limits.

What you will read now is not just an interesting theory, but something that can truly change your reality.

Normally, I do not spill so much spiritual knowledge all at once, preferring to drip feed little bits of truths to tender babes, but "the times they are a-changing," and there is no need to dilly-dally, we all need to seriously grow in spiritual understanding.

As Holy Children of God, we are Very, Very powerful.

We CAN and DO create whatever it is we imagine.

Not in the ultimate reality, which is a perfect and blissful Heaven that is eternal, forever unchanging, but in our own perception of relative reality.

The Course In Miracles tells us that: 

"It is a mistake to believe that a thought system which is based on lies, is weak or without power.

Nothing made by a child of God is without power. 

It is essential to realize this, or you will be unable to escape from the prisons which you have made for yourself."

I would like to repeat this:

Nothing made by YOU, 

Who is a POWERFUL child of God, 

Is without power!

Your thoughts and fears are CREATIVE. 

You create or move energy, by merely thinking about something.

You SOLIDIFY your reality by constantly focusing on certain ideas, whether they are good or bad, desires or phantom fears.

You do not always create what is good and BEST for you.

In fact, OFTEN people create illnesses, what will prevent them from healing, what will hurt them, what overburdens them, ages them, disheartens them, makes them sick and decays their bodies.

We often see people who diet, eat only health food, do lots of yoga, run marathons or hike for days, meditate, do lots of forgiveness exercises and emotional healing, and still they look stocky or have no significant changes in their physical, financial, or living situation, or are unable to heal from terminal illnesses.

Why is that?

We know that every cell in our body renews itself every few years and that we have a 100% brand new and youthful body every seven years, so...why?....

Why don't we look much more youthful and vibrant with the passing years?

The answer to this is MUCH more interesting than you might think.

Bear with me and let's dive a little bit deeper.

I would like to tell you about Dr. Shakuntala Modi.

She is the writer of the book, "Remarkable Healings - A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness."

Dr. Shakuntala Modi has achieved a 90% success rate in curing mental and chronic illnesses by regressing her patients and thus discovering what really "ails" them.

Dr. Modi made this data public at the Psychotherapy Congress held in Florida in 1994. 

She gave a prominent example of one of her clients, a woman who suffered from serious depression, followed by severe stomach aches which had no physiological foundation. 

Dr. Modi applied hypnotic regression and sent the patient back to the first moment that the symptoms of the illness appeared. 

To her surprise, the patient suddenly spoke in a low, male voice. 

The voice claimed to be the voice of her father, who after his death, had entered his daughter’s body. 

She doesn’t even know I’m here,” he said. “I remained inside her because she suffered terribly after my death, but I found myself imprisoned here and I can’t leave.” 

Dr. Modi released the Entity and he went into the light, (where they usually go), while the symptoms of depression and the stomach aches vanished completely after a few hours and did not return again.

Wow.....listen to this, this woman, who was so emotionally attached to her dad, had entrapped his spirit, or a fragment of his spirit, into her body, wishing to keep him with her here on earth.

As a result of "carrying" his spirit inside of her, she had created a painful burden for both of them.

During a period of 25 years, Dr. Modi processed hundreds of cases of serious depression. 

Sometimes the clinging Entities were nothing more than fragments or parts of still living men and women.

When she instructed the entities to go back to their source, the depression always disappeared. 

Remember that like I said before, we are very powerful, and NOTHING made by a child of God is without power.

By using or misusing our creative powers, we create spiritual entities that become attached to us, and have significant influence on our lives.

I once spoke with a very successful businessman, about his fears about money and investment.

I asked him to look deeper and deeper into his fears, and to try to discover the most irrational form that his fear might take.

He reluctantly spoke about fearing not having enough, losing faith in his own judgments, needing to start all over again from scratch, and at the bottom of all of his fears, he admitted that he feared becoming homeless.

To my utter astonishment, he spoke about his fear of being forgotten and unloved, or needing to live off the generosity of others or on government handouts.

Later, I read that this is not at all uncommon.

Most fears, when you look into them, represent deep-seated, completely irrational,

extreme scenarios, that have very little likelihood to ever happen.

For my friend, becoming a homeless man was a MOST irrational and unlikely scenario.

The man was a very successful businessman with property, a good paying, secure job, and lots of money.

While financial success was his current reality, because of his fears, or perhaps from past incarnations or even from his deep sympathies towards homeless people, he was carrying deep in his psyche the consciousness of a homeless man.

In other words, deep inside of him, lived a homeless man.

Many of his fears and anxieties around his finances were enlarged out of proportion by this entity that "embodied" his fear of lack, and belief in scarcity.

This homeless man entity who psychologically lived inside of him, was NOT a silent observer.

He had a say in every financial choice that the man makes, and often the businessman will make choices to accommodate the feelings, insecurities and needs of that homeless man within.

Let's take for example an elderly woman who lives alone.

If she has internalized a lonely old woman with financial fears, she has created inside of her an unloved, homeless, bag lady entity.

She will turn to her kids and grandkids, demanding their company and resenting them for not sheltering her from her loneliness and placating her fears.

Inside of her, there is an insatiably lonely, homeless woman, who will never be secure, otherwise she would have no need to be there.

This homeless bag lady will have a say in everything that the woman does, and she will make her presence known by what type of body the woman will have, what kind of wardrobe the woman will buy, and what other choices she makes in her life.

That homeless bag lady will stay for as long as the woman allows her.

Examining your insecurities and life long patterns is a good way to start realizing what entities you carry inside.

Sometimes, we "invite" fragments of entities to "stay" with us, out of love and respect for them.

In order to illustrate this better, I will get very personal.

My husband Jules, is a very powerful and strong man.

Being in his mid sixties, he often shares with me articles about much older people who are redefining the concept of aging.

There was the ninety year old lady who is a yoga teacher and tango dancer, a man in his nineties who ran a marathon (26 miles) in under four hours and is a medical marvel, and a 105-year-old man made history just a few days ago, by cycling more than 14 miles around a velodrome track in an hour.

Once, I asked Jules that if he truly believes that aging is in the mind, then why he keeps on looking for external "proofs," that we do not have to age.

Jules and I believe that human beings do not have to age automatically.

We can choose to purify our minds of all the old modalities and rid ourselves of limiting ideas.

We prefer to learn from our OWN experiences, instead of what others are telling us is possible.

From our very own experiences, we redefine and learn anew what is a physical body, what is a light filled energetic body, and how to develop healthy thoughts that cultivate spiritual evolution, instead of decay.

So why does Jules constantly return to the old ways of looking for evidence?.....

Was he carrying an old man entity inside him?

With much honesty, Jules admitted that there are probably the energies of an old man who lives inside him, and that he is constantly trying to help the old man, teach him and reassure him, that there is ANOTHER WAY....

In other words, Jules is spending much psychological, mental and even physical energies, to prove to the old man within that there is another way than to follow blindly a genetic code that sends us all towards decay and death.

When we looked into this together, he realized that this old man entity is comprised largely of his father, combined with his own ideas about aging.

Irving, Jules's Dad, used to be a strong and powerful man, and it saddened Jules so very much to see him decay in his later years.

He lost control of his bodily functions and had to be put in a nursing home, where they provide daily care. He passed away completely helpless and senile.

I still remember visiting Irving in the nursing home in Long Island.

Once, when we came to visit, an old man sitting in a wheelchair at the entrance sunning himself, reached for my hand.

"Guess how old I am," he said with a boyish voice.

"I don't know..."  I said, unsure how to proceed with this conversation.

"Just guess, guess how old I am."

To me, he looked to be in his late eighties, maybe nineties.

"I am sixty! Today I am sixty!"

His nurse nodded in agreement that he was indeed sixty and that it was his birthday.

"So what are you doing in an old people's home?," I asked, truly astonished.

"I am old! I am an old man!," he said, as if he were proclaiming a well known fact.

Then they rolled out Irving in his wheelchair and we all walked to the boardwalk to have an ice cream and get some winter sun.

I never forgot the old man that I met in the entrance and my conversation with him.

How can someone believe that he was old in his sixties..... can life really be so cruel as to give us only a few short decades before death claims us like a thief in the night? Or maybe we are all very, very wrong about life.....

At Irving's funeral, I still remember Jules' speech, because I helped him write it.

He said:

"I am not saying goodbye to my father today.

I believe that I will NEVER have to say goodbye to my father.

A part of him will live in me always."

The rabbi who presided over the funeral, complimented Jules on his love for his father and on his insight.

He said that we can, and indeed we must "keep the memory of Irving alive in our hearts." 

The fragments that Jules still carries inside him are a heavy burden.

I guess I also still carry that old man in his sixties, that I met at the entrance.

Maybe I am also carrying my old grandmother, my own mother and other older ladies I wish to help.

On the positive side, it makes us push ourselves to become physically stronger, walk pilgrimages, carry heavy bags of soil and mulch up hundreds of stairs, work and do many hard physical tasks.

But on the negative side, as long as we carry those old people within, we are not really acting and being youthful.

We are energetically feeding shadow entities of old people we wish to help.

We are, de facto, running a spiritual education center and nursing home within.

The belief in the old modality MUST change.

In the old modality, people were content to live lives that revolved around raising families, cultivating careers and enjoying the small pleasures of life like food, alcohol, movies, books and listening to music.

They never questioned the sad human condition and whether it must be so.

All men or women who find themselves fearing aging and losing their beauty or vigor, already carry similarly older, decaying entities inside of them.

That old man or woman entity, will have a say (subconsciously) in everything that goes on in your life.

You will notice details and make choices to cater to this older person within, and little by little you will settle into a mutual identity.

But it does not have to be this way!

In order to stop wasting our energies and mental efforts to help "guest entities" that we do not even know we carry, we must release the entity into the light by examining our patterns and healing those wounds.

Entities usually affect us in an unpleasant way.


In some cases, if the entity is someone we love, we might NOT be willing to let the entity go so easily.

After all, we internalized them BECAUSE we love them or are sensitive to their issues.

In this case it is possible to make the entity into an ALLY and to continue to cooperate toward the accomplishment of more worthwhile goals.

In other words, keep the old lady or the hungry little girl around, but recognize when she makes herself present in your mind, and choose when to listen to her and when to just reassure her and move on to make up your own mind.

You see, you are not carrying a real little girl inside, but only the fragment of her that is ALWAYS hungry and insecure.

Because of that, as long as she is inside you, will will always feel hungry, because SHE is always hungry.

You do not allow her to be a real little girl, who is also full of joy, and loves to laugh, have fun, swim, play, hug, send kisses and dream dreams.

You ONLY relate to her from the aspect of her hunger and lack.

Ask yourself:

Who, or what fragments of pain, fear or trauma are you carrying in your energy field?


Are you carrying the concerns that are your mother's or your sister's? Even though they are not at all applicable to your own life?

Do you carry a frightened little girl who is helpless, insecure and hungry all the time?

Is that why you overeat all the time?

Is that why you keep your pantry stocked with plenty of food and feel uncomfortable when there is nothing in the fridge?

Are you carrying an old man who is aging inside of you and affecting your powers and youth? Wrinkling your skin and stiffening your joints?

Are you carrying an old grandmother or a mother who is very loving and lovely, but not very agile, maybe even paralyzed, and are you "living the life" that she cannot have? 

Living life FOR her?

What is your own personal story and WHOM do you carry inside you?

As I said before, all the literature suggests that we must release the entity to go into the light of love, to merge back with the Source, to return to the UNIFIED Source of Everything. 

If you can do it, that is great, if not, I'd like to offer you a few thoughts how to see the situation differently.

Change may not come overnight.

Just because you have a new realization, it does not mean that you can just stop your behavior.

It does mean, however, that you can make small steps towards recognizing the operating forces inside you, and choose your thoughts and reactions accordingly.

The other day, I noticed a repeated pattern in my relationship with Jules.

He was preparing to drive to town, to run lots of errands by himself.

We made a list of all the different things that he needs to buy, pick up and do in different shops around town.

I reminded him again, to pick up something at Brisco's (a home shop in KeriKeri),

and with a bit of annoyance in his voice, he said, "I know, you JUST said that to me two minutes ago."

I asked him to look deep inside and see why he bristled so quickly....

He said that he felt as if I were treating him as if he were forgetful and senile.

I said that this was a very interesting reaction that must have stemmed from either the sensitive old man within himself, or from himself, trying to protect the old man.

Jules admitted it all sounded true.

Then I mentioned to him that if he had NOT internalized the old man, he might have thought the opposite...

He might have thought: "Boy, my wife is sure losing it. She forgot that she JUST reminded me to go to Brisco's two minutes ago."


"I wonder what's on her mind that she reminded me twice...."

So..... what can we do?

How do we release these entities from our aura?

How do we unburden ourselves so we can actually have the thin body we are dieting and exercising for, instead of the physique of a woman or a man who carries inside an eternally hungry little girl, or an old, lonely and insecure woman?

I suggest, that instead of ridding yourself of the old man or bag lady, the hungry little girl, the insane grandmother entities, you recognize that their presence inside you, is by YOUR OWN INVITATION.

You internalized them because you LOVE THEM and that sweet and loving part of you, that is your REAL SELF, will hold on for eternity, until you and all of your creations, reach the point of enlightenment and full realization.

Jewish mystics call this the Cabala, or the Kabbalah, which means ACCEPTANCE.

Instead of rejecting them and divorcing aspects of yourself you do not like, ACCEPT them all.

They are all your children.

Just like you are the child of God who created you, they are all your creations.

You created them and they populate your universe.

Just like God, who is your Father, who loves you and all His children equally and eternally, so do you love your creations and want to help them.

So.... my suggestion is,

Instead of embodying hurting or fearful entities, placate yourself and embody the ESSENCES of higher entities.

Instead of anger, sadness, insecurities, anxieties and fear, populate your universe with real power, and empower all of your creations with you.

For example, instead of feeling compassion towards your old man inside, try to just embody the essence of compassion, and apply it towards everyone you meet, be it a Syrian refugee or Donald Trump.

Release you resentment and feel compassion towards all.

Learn to embody Trust, Grace, Wisdom, Honesty, Humility, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy, Defenselessness, Generosity, Patience, Faithfulness and Open Mindedness.

I will see you on the other side, the side where only bliss exists....

I am adding photos of my continuing garden project and of the birds in our garden.

With all my blessings,


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