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Why We Don't Lose Weight... The Invisible Influences That Affect Our Lives

Why We Don't Lose Weight... The Invisible Influences That Affect Our Lives

There is a funny joke in the British comedy, "Absolutely Fabulous," that I love.

Edina Monsoon, the protagonist of the show, is always dieting and trying all sorts of New Age fads in order to be skinny and to gain some inner peace in her life.

She tried all sorts of wacky diets, including drinking nothing but champagne, eating only on tiny plates, floating in an isolation tank, meditation, chanting, and getting into her closet with a shamanic forked twig, to find Divine inspiration about what is the most fortuitous thing to wear that day.

Despite all of her efforts and spending a fortune on fortune tellers and diets, she never changes or really gets anywhere, although she's hilarious in her attempts.

Once, when Edina was talking to her old mother, she proclaimed:

"Don't you understand that inside of me, there is a skinny, gorgeous person who is yearning to come out?"

Her mother listened, and with her cynical and critical humor, asked:

"Are you sure dear, that there is just one?"


This joke is the subject of what I wish to reflect on today.

ALL thoughts are creative.

By using the term "creative," I do not mean "artistic," I simply mean that ALL thoughts, and their associated feelings, become form, that is, create a reality.

This is basic knowledge.

Everything starts with a thought.

You think of a place, let's take Albania as an example.

You imagine how nice it would be to see the place.

You buy an airline ticket, maybe book a hotel room or contact a friend who lives there.

Before you know it, you are visiting Albania.

It all started with a thought that went on to create a reality.

Negative thoughts similarly affect your reality.

By believing that there are things that you can and cannot do, you create your own  limits.

What you will read now is not just an interesting theory, but something that can truly change your reality.

Normally, I do not spill so much spiritual knowledge all at once, preferring to drip feed little bits of truths to tender babes, but "the times they are a-changing," and there is no need to dilly-dally, we all need to seriously grow in spiritual understanding.

As Holy Children of God, we are Very, Very powerful.

We CAN and DO create whatever it is we imagine.

Not in the ultimate reality, which is a perfect and blissful Heaven that is eternal, forever unchanging, but in our own perception of relative reality.

The Course In Miracles tells us that: 

"It is a mistake to believe that a thought system which is based on lies, is weak or without power.

Nothing made by a child of God is without power. 

It is essential to realize this, or you will be unable to escape from the prisons which you have made for yourself."

I would like to repeat this:

Nothing made by YOU, 

Who is a POWERFUL child of God, 

Is without power!

Your thoughts and fears are CREATIVE. 

You create or move energy, by merely thinking about something.

You SOLIDIFY your reality by constantly focusing on certain ideas, whether they are good or bad, desires or phantom fears.

You do not always create what is good and BEST for you.

In fact, OFTEN people create illnesses, what will prevent them from healing, what will hurt them, what overburdens them, ages them, disheartens them, makes them sick and decays their bodies.

We often see people who diet, eat only health food, do lots of yoga, run marathons or hike for days, meditate, do lots of forgiveness exercises and emotional healing, and still they look stocky or have no significant changes in their physical, financial, or living situation, or are unable to heal from terminal illnesses.

Why is that?

We know that every cell in our body renews itself every few years and that we have a 100% brand new and youthful body every seven years, so...why?....

Why don't we look much more youthful and vibrant with the passing years?

The answer to this is MUCH more interesting than you might think.

Bear with me and let's dive a little bit deeper.

I would like to tell you about Dr. Shakuntala Modi.

She is the writer of the book, "Remarkable Healings - A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness."

Dr. Shakuntala Modi has achieved a 90% success rate in curing mental and chronic illnesses by regressing her patients and thus discovering what really "ails" them.

Dr. Modi made this data public at the Psychotherapy Congress held in Florida in 1994. 

She gave a prominent example of one of her clients, a woman who suffered from serious depression, followed by severe stomach aches which had no physiological foundation. 

Dr. Modi applied hypnotic regression and sent the patient back to the first moment that the symptoms of the illness appeared. 

To her surprise, the patient suddenly spoke in a low, male voice. 

The voice claimed to be the voice of her father, who after his death, had entered his daughter’s body. 

She doesn’t even know I’m here,” he said. “I remained inside her because she suffered terribly after my death, but I found myself imprisoned here and I can’t leave.” 

Dr. Modi released the Entity and he went into the light, (where they usually go), while the symptoms of depression and the stomach aches vanished completely after a few hours and did not return again.

Wow.....listen to this, this woman, who was so emotionally attached to her dad, had entrapped his spirit, or a fragment of his spirit, into her body, wishing to keep him with her here on earth.

As a result of "carrying" his spirit inside of her, she had created a painful burden for both of them.

During a period of 25 years, Dr. Modi processed hundreds of cases of serious depression. 

Sometimes the clinging Entities were nothing more than fragments or parts of still living men and women.

When she instructed the entities to go back to their source, the depression always disappeared. 

Remember that like I said before, we are very powerful, and NOTHING made by a child of God is without power.

By using or misusing our creative powers, we create spiritual entities that become attached to us, and have significant influence on our lives.

I once spoke with a very successful businessman, about his fears about money and investment.

I asked him to look deeper and deeper into his fears, and to try to discover the most irrational form that his fear might take.

He reluctantly spoke about fearing not having enough, losing faith in his own judgments, needing to start all over again from scratch, and at the bottom of all of his fears, he admitted that he feared becoming homeless.

To my utter astonishment, he spoke about his fear of being forgotten and unloved, or needing to live off the generosity of others or on government handouts.

Later, I read that this is not at all uncommon.

Most fears, when you look into them, represent deep-seated, completely irrational,

extreme scenarios, that have very little likelihood to ever happen.

For my friend, becoming a homeless man was a MOST irrational and unlikely scenario.

The man was a very successful businessman with property, a good paying, secure job, and lots of money.

While financial success was his current reality, because of his fears, or perhaps from past incarnations or even from his deep sympathies towards homeless people, he was carrying deep in his psyche the consciousness of a homeless man.

In other words, deep inside of him, lived a homeless man.

Many of his fears and anxieties around his finances were enlarged out of proportion by this entity that "embodied" his fear of lack, and belief in scarcity.

This homeless man entity who psychologically lived inside of him, was NOT a silent observer.

He had a say in every financial choice that the man makes, and often the businessman will make choices to accommodate the feelings, insecurities and needs of that homeless man within.

Let's take for example an elderly woman who lives alone.

If she has internalized a lonely old woman with financial fears, she has created inside of her an unloved, homeless, bag lady entity.

She will turn to her kids and grandkids, demanding their company and resenting them for not sheltering her from her loneliness and placating her fears.

Inside of her, there is an insatiably lonely, homeless woman, who will never be secure, otherwise she would have no need to be there.

This homeless bag lady will have a say in everything that the woman does, and she will make her presence known by what type of body the woman will have, what kind of wardrobe the woman will buy, and what other choices she makes in her life.

That homeless bag lady will stay for as long as the woman allows her.

Examining your insecurities and life long patterns is a good way to start realizing what entities you carry inside.

Sometimes, we "invite" fragments of entities to "stay" with us, out of love and respect for them.

In order to illustrate this better, I will get very personal.

My husband Jules, is a very powerful and strong man.

Being in his mid sixties, he often shares with me articles about much older people who are redefining the concept of aging.

There was the ninety year old lady who is a yoga teacher and tango dancer, a man in his nineties who ran a marathon (26 miles) in under four hours and is a medical marvel, and a 105-year-old man made history just a few days ago, by cycling more than 14 miles around a velodrome track in an hour.

Once, I asked Jules that if he truly believes that aging is in the mind, then why he keeps on looking for external "proofs," that we do not have to age.

Jules and I believe that human beings do not have to age automatically.

We can choose to purify our minds of all the old modalities and rid ourselves of limiting ideas.

We prefer to learn from our OWN experiences, instead of what others are telling us is possible.

From our very own experiences, we redefine and learn anew what is a physical body, what is a light filled energetic body, and how to develop healthy thoughts that cultivate spiritual evolution, instead of decay.

So why does Jules constantly return to the old ways of looking for evidence?.....

Was he carrying an old man entity inside him?

With much honesty, Jules admitted that there are probably the energies of an old man who lives inside him, and that he is constantly trying to help the old man, teach him and reassure him, that there is ANOTHER WAY....

In other words, Jules is spending much psychological, mental and even physical energies, to prove to the old man within that there is another way than to follow blindly a genetic code that sends us all towards decay and death.

When we looked into this together, he realized that this old man entity is comprised largely of his father, combined with his own ideas about aging.

Irving, Jules's Dad, used to be a strong and powerful man, and it saddened Jules so very much to see him decay in his later years.

He lost control of his bodily functions and had to be put in a nursing home, where they provide daily care. He passed away completely helpless and senile.

I still remember visiting Irving in the nursing home in Long Island.

Once, when we came to visit, an old man sitting in a wheelchair at the entrance sunning himself, reached for my hand.

"Guess how old I am," he said with a boyish voice.

"I don't know..."  I said, unsure how to proceed with this conversation.

"Just guess, guess how old I am."

To me, he looked to be in his late eighties, maybe nineties.

"I am sixty! Today I am sixty!"

His nurse nodded in agreement that he was indeed sixty and that it was his birthday.

"So what are you doing in an old people's home?," I asked, truly astonished.

"I am old! I am an old man!," he said, as if he were proclaiming a well known fact.

Then they rolled out Irving in his wheelchair and we all walked to the boardwalk to have an ice cream and get some winter sun.

I never forgot the old man that I met in the entrance and my conversation with him.

How can someone believe that he was old in his sixties..... can life really be so cruel as to give us only a few short decades before death claims us like a thief in the night? Or maybe we are all very, very wrong about life.....

At Irving's funeral, I still remember Jules' speech, because I helped him write it.

He said:

"I am not saying goodbye to my father today.

I believe that I will NEVER have to say goodbye to my father.

A part of him will live in me always."

The rabbi who presided over the funeral, complimented Jules on his love for his father and on his insight.

He said that we can, and indeed we must "keep the memory of Irving alive in our hearts." 

The fragments that Jules still carries inside him are a heavy burden.

I guess I also still carry that old man in his sixties, that I met at the entrance.

Maybe I am also carrying my old grandmother, my own mother and other older ladies I wish to help.

On the positive side, it makes us push ourselves to become physically stronger, walk pilgrimages, carry heavy bags of soil and mulch up hundreds of stairs, work and do many hard physical tasks.

But on the negative side, as long as we carry those old people within, we are not really acting and being youthful.

We are energetically feeding shadow entities of old people we wish to help.

We are, de facto, running a spiritual education center and nursing home within.

The belief in the old modality MUST change.

In the old modality, people were content to live lives that revolved around raising families, cultivating careers and enjoying the small pleasures of life like food, alcohol, movies, books and listening to music.

They never questioned the sad human condition and whether it must be so.

All men or women who find themselves fearing aging and losing their beauty or vigor, already carry similarly older, decaying entities inside of them.

That old man or woman entity, will have a say (subconsciously) in everything that goes on in your life.

You will notice details and make choices to cater to this older person within, and little by little you will settle into a mutual identity.

But it does not have to be this way!

In order to stop wasting our energies and mental efforts to help "guest entities" that we do not even know we carry, we must release the entity into the light by examining our patterns and healing those wounds.

Entities usually affect us in an unpleasant way.


In some cases, if the entity is someone we love, we might NOT be willing to let the entity go so easily.

After all, we internalized them BECAUSE we love them or are sensitive to their issues.

In this case it is possible to make the entity into an ALLY and to continue to cooperate toward the accomplishment of more worthwhile goals.

In other words, keep the old lady or the hungry little girl around, but recognize when she makes herself present in your mind, and choose when to listen to her and when to just reassure her and move on to make up your own mind.

You see, you are not carrying a real little girl inside, but only the fragment of her that is ALWAYS hungry and insecure.

Because of that, as long as she is inside you, will will always feel hungry, because SHE is always hungry.

You do not allow her to be a real little girl, who is also full of joy, and loves to laugh, have fun, swim, play, hug, send kisses and dream dreams.

You ONLY relate to her from the aspect of her hunger and lack.

Ask yourself:

Who, or what fragments of pain, fear or trauma are you carrying in your energy field?


Are you carrying the concerns that are your mother's or your sister's? Even though they are not at all applicable to your own life?

Do you carry a frightened little girl who is helpless, insecure and hungry all the time?

Is that why you overeat all the time?

Is that why you keep your pantry stocked with plenty of food and feel uncomfortable when there is nothing in the fridge?

Are you carrying an old man who is aging inside of you and affecting your powers and youth? Wrinkling your skin and stiffening your joints?

Are you carrying an old grandmother or a mother who is very loving and lovely, but not very agile, maybe even paralyzed, and are you "living the life" that she cannot have? 

Living life FOR her?

What is your own personal story and WHOM do you carry inside you?

As I said before, all the literature suggests that we must release the entity to go into the light of love, to merge back with the Source, to return to the UNIFIED Source of Everything. 

If you can do it, that is great, if not, I'd like to offer you a few thoughts how to see the situation differently.

Change may not come overnight.

Just because you have a new realization, it does not mean that you can just stop your behavior.

It does mean, however, that you can make small steps towards recognizing the operating forces inside you, and choose your thoughts and reactions accordingly.

The other day, I noticed a repeated pattern in my relationship with Jules.

He was preparing to drive to town, to run lots of errands by himself.

We made a list of all the different things that he needs to buy, pick up and do in different shops around town.

I reminded him again, to pick up something at Brisco's (a home shop in KeriKeri),

and with a bit of annoyance in his voice, he said, "I know, you JUST said that to me two minutes ago."

I asked him to look deep inside and see why he bristled so quickly....

He said that he felt as if I were treating him as if he were forgetful and senile.

I said that this was a very interesting reaction that must have stemmed from either the sensitive old man within himself, or from himself, trying to protect the old man.

Jules admitted it all sounded true.

Then I mentioned to him that if he had NOT internalized the old man, he might have thought the opposite...

He might have thought: "Boy, my wife is sure losing it. She forgot that she JUST reminded me to go to Brisco's two minutes ago."


"I wonder what's on her mind that she reminded me twice...."

So..... what can we do?

How do we release these entities from our aura?

How do we unburden ourselves so we can actually have the thin body we are dieting and exercising for, instead of the physique of a woman or a man who carries inside an eternally hungry little girl, or an old, lonely and insecure woman?

I suggest, that instead of ridding yourself of the old man or bag lady, the hungry little girl, the insane grandmother entities, you recognize that their presence inside you, is by YOUR OWN INVITATION.

You internalized them because you LOVE THEM and that sweet and loving part of you, that is your REAL SELF, will hold on for eternity, until you and all of your creations, reach the point of enlightenment and full realization.

Jewish mystics call this the Cabala, or the Kabbalah, which means ACCEPTANCE.

Instead of rejecting them and divorcing aspects of yourself you do not like, ACCEPT them all.

They are all your children.

Just like you are the child of God who created you, they are all your creations.

You created them and they populate your universe.

Just like God, who is your Father, who loves you and all His children equally and eternally, so do you love your creations and want to help them.

So.... my suggestion is,

Instead of embodying hurting or fearful entities, placate yourself and embody the ESSENCES of higher entities.

Instead of anger, sadness, insecurities, anxieties and fear, populate your universe with real power, and empower all of your creations with you.

For example, instead of feeling compassion towards your old man inside, try to just embody the essence of compassion, and apply it towards everyone you meet, be it a Syrian refugee or Donald Trump.

Release you resentment and feel compassion towards all.

Learn to embody Trust, Grace, Wisdom, Honesty, Humility, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy, Defenselessness, Generosity, Patience, Faithfulness and Open Mindedness.

I will see you on the other side, the side where only bliss exists....

I am adding photos of my continuing garden project and of the birds in our garden.

With all my blessings,


Further suggested reading:



By Ĺ˝ivorad Mihajlović-Slavinski Belgrade, 2008 

Remarkable Healings - A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness - Dr. Shakuntala Modi

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Warm Holiday Wishes And A Happy New Year Of New Realizations On The Horizon...

Warm Holiday Wishes And A Happy New Year Of New Realizations On The Horizon...

First of all, allow me to apologize for not having taken the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

All of you have been in my thoughts, but I've been taking a break from writing and have been delightfully immersing myself in the healing and energizing vibrations of my rural home by the Hokianga Harbour, NZ.

It is SO nice to be home again.

In my studio, I sit and paint colorful butterflies which merge and evolve into a multidimensional divine being, which is the essence and the very core of our true Nature as human beings.

The colorful butterflies represent the diverse beauty of individual human beings, all merging into one collective Divinity.

I regret that I cannot add an image of the painting to this post, because it is still very much at the beginning stages, and not nearly complete, despite the fact that I have been working on it, on and off, for six weeks now.

Most of my time, I've been spending in our garden, pulling out six month old weeds.

We've cleared the veggie patch of weeds and planted berry bushes, which have a chance to survive and thrive while we are in Colorado or when we travel.

We've planted Boysenberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry and Loganberry along with cucumbers and tomatoes.

I've even built a wooden structure around the garden bed, and covered it with netting to protect the berries from being eaten by the birds.

There are many birds around our garden who would absolutely LOVE those berries.

While I am in the garden, knowledge comes into my mind in waves of concentric consciousness.

All I need to do is to stop my stream of mundane thoughts, and simply listen.

I sit and listen as often as I can.

I take my tea and sit in front of the harbor, listening to the wise notes carried on the wind....

They reveal so much....

This place for me, is a spiritual playground with great water views and a lovely garden.

I learn SO much while being here....

It is truly a spiritual playground.... a mixture of a zen temple with all the mental discipline and physical work it requires, and a garden of Eden, in which we get to be architects, artists, workers and designers of the garden, and create our environment, entrusted with stewardship of the land...

The people who are called and attracted to live in our tiny rural community, have always been an interesting mixture of creative and inspiring souls.

Today I'd like to tell you about one of our neighbors, Linda.

I've always liked Linda and admired her for her intelligence, high morals, sophisticated humor, highly developed sense of social justice and understanding of humanity's unity and interconnectedness, as well as for her great regard for the environment and respect for the sentiments of others.

But there is yet another reason that I like Linda and enjoy her company...

It is because she sheds spiritual light on my understanding of the Jewish religion.

You see, I was born to a Jewish family in the land of Israel, but the orthodox Jewish people in Israel, have turned my heart stone cold towards the religion and its inconsistencies.

As a kid I attended a weekend seminar, intended to encourage kids who grew up in secular families, to "return" back into the warm folds of the religion.

It included lectures and questions and answers.

My heart turned colder and colder instead of warming up to the religion.

With a creeping realization, I felt that I belonged to a sexist and separatist religion, and I marveled at how fanatically they encouraged men to say:

"Pray and gives thanks daily, that you were not created a woman."  

But the last straw of that workshop, was when the rabbis told us that the world was created five thousand seven hundreds years ago.

With the innocence of a child, I persisted and pursued the question:

"How could you say that the world was created only five thousand years ago, when I've just been to the archeological museum and seen dinosaur bones that date back millions of years?"

I was ignored repeatedly, but somehow, I kept holding my hand up in the air, demanding not to be ignored.

The rabbi finally relented, and with anger said:

"Everybody knows that those "dinosaurs bones" are just plastic and are not real at all!"

I looked at him stunned, as if he had physically slapped me on my face.

I got up from my seat on the floor and walked out of the room, never to return.

And.... to be honest, until I met my neighbor Linda, decades later, right here on the shores of the quiet Hokianga Harbour, I have not heard ANYONE speak about and explain the religion in ways that made spiritual sense to me.

Linda belongs to the "Institute Of Jewish Spirituality," which thrives in Woodstock, New York.

She has been traveling back and forth between NZ and Woodstock, accumulating tremendous spiritual wisdom, that is based on the Jewish tradition.

Linda and I have not spoken of the religion often, but the few times we have, she gave me much to think about, and it always felt like a true gift to me.

The whole reason I feel motivated now to get out of my self imposed silent retreat, is to share with you yet another gift, that came out of my recent conversation with Linda.

Once, in one of my spiritual visions, I saw that Linda and some of her spiritual friends from Woodstock, belonged to the Essene community that lived quietly and almost secretly, in the land of Israel thousands of years ago.

The Essenes, who were very instrumental in the early education of Jesus, lived in Israel in rural communities, and cultivated the land, leading simple and wholesome lives full of spiritual understanding, assisting greatly in the growth and development of the human psyche.


Anyway, Jules and I invited Linda to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas together, and we had a nice lunch with relaxed conversation that meandered here and there, touching on many subjects.

One of the subjects that we talked about was the fact that here in New Zealand, the European people who colonized the land believed that the Maori, the native people, had no written language.

While, granted, they had no lettering made of tiny circles and straight lines, curves, dots and symbols, they had indeed an encoded language which they wove into their weaving and engraved into their tattoos, using patterns and symbols.

These "hidden messages" were not understood by outsiders who tried to "read" those weavings or tattoos, but nevertheless they were clearly understood by other tribal Maori people.

They knew exactly where the flax for their weaving was collected, what tribe the weaver was from and what those symbols meant or intended to represent or convey. 

Even though they had no written history, they could orally recite with extreme accuracy and with nearly no variation, information from all over NZ.

They could recite historical details, names, tribal information, stories and facts, dating back a thousand years.

How could they do this????

They have a tradition of "Memory Keepers."

The individuals (usually trained since childhood) who were selected to be the "Memory Keepers," used to be told certain stories, detailed facts and historical details, so that they could commit it all to memory.

While other kids went to sleep after a busy day of fishing and playing, the "Memory Keeper" was gathered into his grandmother's arms, and fell asleep while she was WHISPERING the history of his people into his ears....

Perhaps the most wonderful story Linda shared with me, is that of a Maori elder who was asked to draw a map of the Far North of Northland, NZ.

On the sand, he drew with extreme accuracy a detailed map of the mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, gorges, mountain passes, bays and beaches.

There were, however, two straight lines that the settlers did not recognize.

Surely the Maori elder did not draw a highway, since highways did not exist on the land at that time....

"It is the path that the souls of the dead take, on their way to Cape Reinga where they depart towards Hawaiki, our paradise," answered the elder.

"You see," said Linda, "they wisely saw no separation between the physical world and the spiritual world."

I absolutely LOVE this true story.

On a map describing the physical landscape, this wise Maori elder painted the spiritual lines along which the Spirit travels towards the Cape, with sincerity and conviction that shows the solidity of his faith.

I often find people giggling, or looking at me with disbelief, when I suggest to them that they must NEVER view themselves as being sixty or seventy or eighty years old.

You must think of yourself as an immortal being.

If you must doubt, at least think of yourself as an immortal being who took on a body sixty or seventy or eighty years ago.

You see....

You ARE spirit.

Your reality is ONLY spirit

Spirit is eternal, immortal, unlimited and all encompassing.

Therefore, you are  perfect, 




Living in a state of grace forever.

Like the Maori elder, make no separation between your core beliefs and your physical reality!

Many people just do not believe that they are spirit, and thus they live in a state of fear and confusion, forever in a vain search for bits of power.

This is why they often feel helpless, angry, dis-spirited (without Spirit) and do not demonstrate Grace in all of their affairs.

Later, when I meditated, I entered a state of spiritual expansion.

I LOVE when that happens, because it is when I hear the Voice for God within me, with the most clarity.

She gives me ideas and offers suggestions, many of them so practical, worldly and helpful, that it is almost stunning.

I feel tempted to tell you about the time when She told me how to fix the rain gutter diverters that I had installed, but some of you might think that I am crazy or being sacrilegious; after all, Divine Mother must not be at all concerned with rain gutters, when She has so much to do in the world..... 

But I will NOT take that detour now, because I want to tell you about the realization that came to me in that specific meditation.

You see, I got a new understanding of the TRUE reason for "colonialism." 

On the surface, it might SEEM that they have come to conquer, but in TRUTH....They came to LEARN.

Yes, I will say it again:

They have come to LEARN.

On the conscious level, they do not know any of it.

They believe that they came looking for trees, for the giant Kauri, because you can build a whole sailing vessel from one giant Kauri.

On the surface, they came to seize fishing rights and to exploit resources, but in Truth, they came to LEARN.

And even today, they send their nuns to "help" and to "save" the un-cultured natives, but in truth, they also come to LEARN.


You might be thinking, but to learn what?

To learn practical energetic methods, of how to progress in spirit so we can better improve the whole human race.

You see, we seem to live in a world that believes that human beings have VERY limited, and ever diminishing capabilities and capacities.

Dis-eases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are a demonstration of how little we think of the human potential.

But we have a VAST and undiscovered human potential.

We are UNLIMITED beings.

Our Divine potential will never materialize, will never become a daily reality of every human being, if we will not believe, and learn, practice and exercise our Divine capacities.

It is within our capabilities to stay physically strong and heal all disease and injuries.

It is within our capabilities to memorize a thousand years of historical details, facts, songs and stories.

We believe that we live in a world in which we are overburdened with non-sense (with things that make no-sense), and we clutter our days with meaningless pursuits  and noise.

In Truth, we have SO much capacity and so many capabilities, but we cannot tap into them, until we see another human being who demonstrates them to us, and only then do we realize that those are NOT theories, but true human possibilities.

With the "advent" of written history, the capacity we have as humans to memorize enormous information, is diminished.

With the use of calculators, we forget how to do long division in our minds.

With the rise of predatory behavior on the Internet, we learn to be silent and act small, because we fear other people lashing out at us, if we suggest that human beings are all One..

One family,

One tree,

One Sonship...

Just like information can be Encoded into weaving, information can be and IS  encoded into the energetic and cellular fields that make each human being.

Our genetic code is ever evolving.

This is what the colonizers came to learn....

Just as Jules and I go to Japan often in order to LEARN how to be gentle and how much power exists in gentleness, so the colonizers came to learn. 

They came to learn how whispering history into a human's memory, can lead to a boy who can remember accurately hundreds of years of events.

The map on the ground that the Maori elder drew, is to teach us that there is NO separation between the physical and the spiritual.

We must not decay with the years, but IMPROVE with time.

Like a fine wine, or an aged whisky, like runners who train a lot, or like anyone who practices tirelessly to master a skill, we MUST LEARN TO improve with time.

Time does not even exist.

Time, counting time and the passing of time are nothing but illusions.

Only change towards constant evolution exists in the relative world.

In the ultimate reality, even change is impossible.

You are as God created you.

You were created PERFECT and you shall remain perfect.

Only in the world of dreams can you change, evolve or improve.

We all rise up towards a full and complete enlightenment, or the realization of the LIGHT in us.

Make NO separation between your body, your Spirit and your soul.

You are ONE!

One complete, complex and multidimensional Divine Being, made in the image and likeness of God, to live on this earth not as a conqueror, but as a Harmless Helper of all.

How MANY people are needed in order for all of humanity to learn these lessons before we are able to reprogram and re-code the human DNA?

Only ONE.

And how MANY people are required to be the teachers?

Only ONE.

Spiritually speaking, it requires only ONE advanced teacher and ONE advanced student, both fully committed to truly comprehend the depth and the implication of these methods, in order to fully learn its significance for ALL of humanity.

And so.... on the Eve of a New Year, I have emerged from my silent retreat up in the hills of the Hokianga, to wish you all a most wonderful, loving, and enlightening New Year....

May you, like me, fill your hearts with so much love, that the small boats of fear and separation, defense and the myriad forms of illusions, sink into the ocean of Love....

May eternal love know no bounds in your hearts....