Day 4 - Walking The Via Francigena - From Whitfield to Dover U.K. to Calais France

Day 4- Walking The Via Francigena - From Whitfield to Dover U.K., to Calais France

We slept well in the little guesthouse in Whitfield.
The lovely owner made us a breakfast of porridge with bananas and toast with her homemade jams, each made from fruit she is growing in her own garden. She knew how to make these jams so that the berries’ natural tartness was enhanced, without too much sugar.

The guesthouse owner stamped our pilgrimage passports for us.
She told us that she sees many walkers, not so many on the Via Francigena, but more walking on North Downs Way, a very popular local hiking and cycling route.
She said she is unable to walk herself, since she fell years ago and hurt her back and knees and now her hips are in need of repair also.

Her forty year old daughter, a woman with many tattoos and a shy smile, told us that she was a vegan and offered us her own oat milk to put in our teas, instead of regular milk.

I love this new wave of vegetarianism and veganism in England.