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Why do people in long term relationships stop kissing....

I see them in cafes
Dining in restaurants
Shopping in stores.
They used to be lovers
They uses to treat each other with gentleness
With kindness and love
They are still husbands and wives,
But now they are at each other's throats.

I see them whisper to one another venomous words
Their faces contorting
Their eyes narrowing
Both of them are wincing in discomfort
It takes a lot of energy to wage a war....

They do not want their kids to hear them
Nor do they wish for the people around them
To know how angry they are inside
To see them so full of hate...

What happened to the love they once had for each other?
For the tenderness of heart they once felt?
Why have they turned to silent enemies....

Now all they wish is to get out of this relationship
This relationship which has turned into a war-zone.


Many relationships fail nowadays.
They fail because the people involved are engaged in the age-old habit of transferring their frustrations, their inner lack of satisfaction, …