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The School Of Love, Understanding Our Sexual Urge

This is part two of the post I wrote last week. Sorry for the delay in my writing, I had a busy week with painting, concerts, fasting and I was fortunate to place another original painting with an art collector.
So here it is:
The School Of Love, Understanding Our Sexual Urge.
Our cultures send us mixed messages about sex, which affect us directly AND subconsciously.
But Sex is the basic URGE to MERGE.
It is driven by a deep spiritual urge to merge with another and to become ONE, even if for just a few moments….to lose ourselves in the other.
Sex is the urge to step into a natural high, into the ecstasy that exists when you forget the erroneous belief that you are held within a human form, and you lose yourself in the unified field of our collective being.
This unified field beyond your body-awareness is the land of pure bliss, and you can access it consciously through practicing meditation, or unconsciously through sex. Sex can bring about this experience in a real physical form.
But how do we…

A Journey Of Tapping Into Our Physical And Sexual Potential

For many years, I have read and listened to the wisdom of spiritual masters, in my search for meaning and for a higher perspective on life.
I have found much wisdom in the words of masters who passed on years ago, and in the words of contemporary teachers. I have found profound wisdom both in the East and in the West, Nowadays masters incarnate all over the globe, in order to help raise human consciousness and help us progress in our planetary evolution.
While I feel extremely grateful for all my teachers, and know that I have gained much knowledge and new perspectives on the nature of life, disease, death, love and reality, I can truly say that my most constant teacher is the one inside of me, gently guiding me towards experiences and expansion, as I become ready to receive and understand more.
During our travels, I get to test how well I can implement all the knowledge that I have gained into everyday life. But when we are at home, I feel as if my inner teacher is accelerating my studies.