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Why We Do Not Lose Weight... The Invisible Influences That Affect OurLives

Why We Don't Lose Weight... The Invisible Influences That Affect Our Lives
There is a funny joke in the British comedy, "Absolutely Fabulous," that I love.
Edina Monsoon, the protagonist of the show, is always dieting and trying all sorts of New Age fads in order to be skinny and to gain some inner peace in her life.
She tried all sorts of wacky diets, including drinking nothing but champagne, eating only on tiny plates, floating in an isolation tank, meditation, chanting, and getting into her closet with a shamanic forked twig, to find Divine inspiration about what is the most fortuitous thing to wear that day.
Despite all of her efforts and spending a fortune on fortune tellers and diets, she never changes or really gets anywhere, although she's hilarious in her attempts.
Once, when Edina was talking to her old mother, she proclaimed: "Don't you understand that inside of me, there is a skinny, gorgeous person who is yearning to come out?"
Her mother listened…