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Happy New Year, May All Your Dreams Come True!

It is a common way that we bless one another, when we celebrate the New Year. We wish each other that our dreams will come true.
But.... Is it a blessing to have your earthly dreams come true?
We are back in NZ now, and I have been spending the day in my studio, painting and reflecting on this concept.
From lessons I have learnt from my own life's experience, I could conclude that the part of us that does the "dreaming," is often not aware of our highest good.
It comes from a part of our minds that is filled with images, scripts and pictures, most of them NOT well formed nor deeply examined.
Allow me to explain... I want to take you to an island in Thailand. It is called Koh Samui.
Narrow down the imaginary lens to a beautiful boutique hotel, owned by an English couple.
She is a young mother, stunningly beautiful with a perfect figure, lovely hair, a sand-colored fitted summer dress and very posh mannerisms.
He is a more earthy guy. A guy who walks with the gait of a self-made man..…