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Searching For Sugar Man- The True Story Of Rodriguez

Occasionally we come upon a true story that is absolutely worth retelling.
An Oscar-winning documentary called "Searching For Sugar Man" details the story of two South African hardcore music fans who go on a search to find their musical idol Rodriguez.
Rodriguez is a Detroit-born musician of Mexican descent, who started writing songs and performing his music in smoky underground pubs around Detroit, Michigan, in the late 1960's.
Even though his music was soulful and rich in poetic imagery, he never was able to gain much popularity in America. 
A record label made two LP albums of his music which did not sell well in the USA.
But.... across the ocean in South Africa, Rodriguez's music was becoming legendary. 
South African apartheid policy was wreaking havoc in the land in which people were divided by skin colors.
Repression, martial law, night curfews, and corrupt politicians were making life miserable for all people, and Rodriguez's music, which gently spoke about anti…